Cinzia Araia


We found Cinzia Araia while browsing a great eCommerce store for great sneakers,!  Here’s the first shoe that caught our eye: cinz04-1-99e345ff-9f80-43bf-9fc9-d162c26e6e3f

Since, we have furiously researched Cinzia Araia, saw different, looks, and visited a couple shops in NYC that this season started carrying her line.  In short, we have become obsessed.  The reason is because we haven’t seen many designers challenge the space that Rick Owens has settled in- edgy, street, upscale, flowing fashion sneakers.  Cinzia is from Italy, has about 3 years under her belt with this line and is slowly starting to go after the giants of the industry.  You can find her work in boutique shops only and some online outlets (like Sneakerboy).    For both men and women she pushes the limits.  Wearing her shoe/sneaker, you will catch the eye of everyone because the uniqueness, edginess, quality, and style speaks loudly.  Here are some of our favorite styles:

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