Ashton Michael Brings it! Spring 2014

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When it comes to being cool, they simply don’t come any cooler than L.A. native Ashton Hirota. With a shaved head, perfectly groomed mustache, and abundance of tattoos, including a bow tie on the neck, Hirota himself emanates the perfect balance between crisp, cool, and edgy. It was at a young age  that Hirota came to understand the power of apparel which makes it no surprise that Hirota’s designs have been worn by some of the coolest people on the planet, at some of the world’s biggest events. Seen on some of the most fashion conscious and stylish people alive, like Steve Tyler, Will.I.Am, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and Pitbull, Hirota’s designs have appeared at events such as the Super Bowl, music award shows, and on red carpets.

It is Hirota’s cool essence personified, and his interpretation of the balance between edgy and neat, that we see resonate in his designs for his label, Ashton Michael. Ashton Michael refuses to be categorized, and reflects a progressive movement in fashion encompassing all that is modern and hip, without being frivolously trendy. With a pride in perfect fit and fabrication, the Ashton Michael line of Spring 2014, focuses on the deep contrast of neutral tones and the use of straight lines. Inspired by monochromatic textures, the line’s prevalent shades are black and white, with crisp fabrics and the use of stretchy leather, and sheer layers. Simple, yet hypnotizing contrasting patterns, and arresting design accents like large zippers, cutaway hems, and loose fits, add a unique edge to otherwise sleek and prim pieces.

Ashton Michael’s design house and showroom are perfectly at home in Hollywood. Here appointments can be made for custom pieces as well as designer consultations for women and men of the industry. What makes the Ashton Michael line so exceptional for men in particular, is that while the men’s designs are edgy, they remain dedicated to masculinity. We often think of risk taking in the realm of the masculine, and Hirota’s designs do not shy away from risk. Bold and sharp, the Ashton Michael Spring/Summer 2014 line speaks to the Casanova, ninja, and athlete in everyone.

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