A New Way to Preach in Fashion


Regardless of whether you’re a Vogue intern or flip through its pages with your friends every month, you are aware of the inspiration many high end designers give to emerging designers and department stores year round. Every season, retail stores across the world release collections with similar shapes and colors as those we see in the runway.

While this may help bridge the gap between aristocratic and affordable prices, there is a lack of individuality and authenticity in their collections due to the replica they’re inspired from. While brands such as Zara and H&M accomplish to capture what the next season will consist of, they fail at straying away from what we see on the runway to design a different interpretation.

You might be wearing what’s currently trending on twitter, but you might be lacking to show your real personality and individuality through what you have on.

As faith would have it, there are many brands across the world that succeed to execute fresh creativity and strong aesthetics that not only have an inspiration from other designers, but showcase new cuts that sets them apart from what the typical consumer knows.

Frank Prenntzell and Michael Gerlach are the messiahs behind Preach, a German based brand that launched their first collection in 2012. Their philosophy behind their brand is simple, “a challenge to free yourself from external constraints and go your own way- directly, creatively, progressively, unconventionally and with an experimental spirit”.

For their debut AW 13 collection, Preach showcased monochromatic outfits in neutral colors for both men and women. Every piece manifests a rugged aesthetic, as if the designers wanted to show the men and women behind their philosophy- refugees from the toxic fashion world, escaping to find a world where they can start anew. The designers’ view of these characters is elaborated through pieces we can all relate with, adding a sense of melancholia, making us empathize with them.

The woman exudes an independence held with the mindset that she will find courage to keep on traveling through her new journey through sweaters with a ribbed waistband. The man reflects the same idea, yet you can feel his struggle for breaking from his shell through stronger pieces, such as relaxed pants finished with a waxed touch. While the collection shows vulnerability through tweed pieces in earthy tones, leather and denim bring out the determination and layers that bring hope for a better tomorrow.

For SS 14, their most recent collection, we see that the same characters who once were looking for a place to call their own, have stripped away the heavy layers they first started out with. No longer blind from their constraints, we see them embrace who they’re becoming in their journey through lacquered leather and asymmetric cuts. The collection adds a lighter tone to the characters’ journey, one of new discoveries and excitement.

Prenntzell and Gerlach understand the psychology behind fashion, and do it in a way that is relatable with the common consumer. They understand that people are not only looking for a replica of a Givenchy man skirt, but rather a man skirt that doesn’t feel manufactured for the multitudes. Nowadays, it’s not about fitting in with the rest but rather adding your own color to the canvas.

With the perseverance and authenticity Preach has, it’s apparent that they won’t stop creating even after their characters have found their new haven. After all, one never stops growing when they choose to listen to their instincts and walk away from what the social norm proclaims to be right.

Check out these killer looks from Preach this season:

www.preach.eu for more info

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