Architecture drives Virgil Abloh’s line Off-White

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Kanye West’s creative director of 10 years, Virgil Abloh, recently launched his menswear brand, Off-White. His vision is to create a brand that’s young, but also a brand that  plays between the world of high fashion and street wear. Abloh wants to promote a lifestyle and not just clothing, by giving his point of view and merging street vibes in a proper fashion context. He refers to his brand as a “high-low”, meaning someone that combines both the high and low fashion aspects of fashion.

Abloh’s background in architecture and appreciation for German architect, Miles van Der Rohe’s was his influence for his Spring 2014 collection, specifically the Farnsworth House in Chicago. He used lines from the house and translated them into white diagonals, which you can see on every single piece in the collection.  He also uses the number 13 barred with diagonal stripes, which he explains that the number 13 is considered an unlucky number, so when it’s crossed out, it gives off good vibes.


(Farnsworth House in Chicago)

I had a chance to check out the collection at Barney’s and I have one word-WHITE. This collection is a fashion forward approach to street wear. It has athletic block screen printed letters on the back of the garments that will make one think of sports jerseys. But what makes this collection unique is that the pieces from the collection are all original patterns that were made in Italy.

The Spring ’14 collection:

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