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Isabel Benenato is Anything But Ordinary, S/S 2014


Modern, minimalist creations that outlive seasonal trends are the epitome of Isabel Benenato’s work. Born in Naples, her mother, a tailor by profession, has served as Benenato’s inspiration from day one. After work experience in a number of different fashion houses and studios in London, she returned to Italy to found her own label. In mid-2008, a capsule collection of original parallel ribbed knitwear pieces managed to win her positive feedback and extensive support. Her concepts are derived from lived experiences, and above all the results of a lifestyle.

Benenato’s Spring 2014 collection is a harmonious joining of brushed suede and leather accents accompanied by mesh pullovers and cotton tees. Versatile and easy going, the looks provide a contemporary feel made for everyday wear. Her love for deep hues is evident, pairing blood oranges with charcoal grays tell a story of its own. Collars from a classic v-neck to a plunging cowl then simple round gives each piece an exceptional finish, allowing for an infinite recipe of layering.

Jackets are a standout in this collection. Ranging from black leather to neutral suede, the quality and construction is hard to match. With zippers found diagonal across the front, or on the side with pockets, each silhouette is built to wear. Benenato’s creativity hits every aspect of cutting-edge fashion; sweaters, jackets, dresses, and shirts are taken to a new extreme with hand-crafted details and ageless finishes.

From New York to Milan to Paris, her designs are gaining exposure.  The garments are made to last and to go with everyday life and the extraordinary individual who chooses and wear them. Highlighting geometries, asymmetries and the construction of specifications make the articles innovative yet practical. As the world of  design continues to leap forward, Isabel Benenato’s passion for her work is depicted through her line of luxurious fashion. Keep one eye open for whats to come.

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