The Labyrinth: Andrea Lazzari Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

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Andrea Lazzari fascinates me.  He is a 23-year-old designer with a wonderful resume that includes graduating from Istituto Maragoni where he won the best award collection.

The question in my head is “how could somebody so young be able to create a line with so much artistic depth?”  Yet, diving into his newest line, Labyrinth, I was overcome with symbolic meaning that answered this question.  I’ve read some really obscure things that sound wonderful about the line, almost poetic,  but I believe the meaning of Labyrinth as it pertains to Andrea Lazzari’s line’s pieces are simple:  confusion and order.  The confusion comes into play as there are patterns found on each piece not allowing solid colors to flow unrestricted;  sometimes there are even two types of patterns on the same garment.  With his woven work the labyrinth is seen within his threading of the garments. It’s intended to fight and confuse just like a labyrinth, but there is also order.  The pants are sharply creased and don’t reach the shoes in length.  Many of the shirts are button downs with crisp collars and neat fits.  The wovens are neat and clean as well.

It all goes well together if you accept it.  That’s the beauty of the line.  Lazzari is pushing our minds to accept these two worlds colliding.  He puts the looks together like a perfectionist; intentionally mismatching tops with bottoms, he keeps each so precise while the patterns fight each other chaotically.  And, it’s beautiful.  I’m in love with this labyrinth line as a true piece of art.

If this is what a 23 year old right out of school is coming up with, imagine what he has in store for us in the upcoming seasons and years.  Next week we will be featuring an interview with him to really pick his mind.

Until then, experience his line for yourself:

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