Wanda Nylon Rains on S/S ’14

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Rainy days are now fashionable with the Paris-based line Wanda Nylon. Focusing on water resistant fabrics, the goal is to take everyday rainwear and make it into more of a statement by adding colors and cuts foreign to the mundane yellow trenches. Including menswear and womenswear, the collections cover all bases from outwear to skirts, dresses, trousers and shorts.

Designers Peter Hornstein and Johanna Senyk have taken the Parisian runways by storm with their Spring/Summer 2014 assortment. Practical daywear like coats and sweatshirts were made water repellant and finished in matte faux suede. They created a breakthrough by using black vinyl, paired with an array of knit and colorful, quilted nylon created harmony among skirts and capes. Extravagant gold-orange metallic foil in unison with cotton defines valiant futuristic looks. See-through jackets with multi-colored seams give a retro twist that will shed light on dark days.

There’s no need for rain to wear these, though. The garments stand out with a sleekness and style, pairing innovation with sensibleness makes it a must have. With stocklists in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, buyers are covered from coast to coast and forever thankful. Rain has ruined days, but never Wanda Nylon.  Let us know your thoughts:

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