Byungmun Seo Presents “I’m Censored” Fall/Winter ’14

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The art of fashion goes far beyond the whole design process of a collection. It extends past the carefully selected fabrics, color wave and aesthetics. The core ingredient of a collection is the designer’s creative vision wich encompasses a combination of artistic ideas, social and political views, ethnic backgrounds and observations. Korean high fashion menswear designer Byungmun Seo is the epitome of a designer who’s on his way to mastering this art.

For Byungmun Seo’s Fall/Winter ‘14 collection entitled “I’m Censored”, he takes his audience on a journey through his garments that helps us understand his immense creative vision. Within his choice of materials, the combination of buffalo leather and rubber with other fabrics, we are presented with the idea of two opposite worlds colliding in a harmoniously edgy way resulting in a feeling of comfort and luxury.

One of the most interesting things that catch my attention about his designs is the revolting aesthetics he displays.  Revolting in that it goes against everything that traditionally embodies menswear.  You can see this in the cuts, the silhouettes, and the lengths of the tops (blazers, jackets).  All throughout his Fall Winter 2014 collection this is evident. There is a perfect marriage of short and long pieces.  On one wool jacket there’s one leather sleeve and layered lapels of wool and leather.  With his dropped crotch trousers, the cut is clearly above the ankle.  Evident is a mix of the same fabric combinations in different parts of the garment.  Not only does this create an edgy look for menswear, but I feel as if the comfort of these pants would be the most comfortable in any wardrobe.

Byungmun Seo’s design aesthetics is by far one of the most interesting I’ve encountered on many different levels.  With mixing conventional cuts with asymmetrical lines he has reinvented the whole male silhouette into a more feminine one while keeping the level of masculinity exuded the same.  We are extremely excited to see how Byungmun Seo’s designs will evolve further to push the limits of high fashion menswear in the near future. Let us know your thoughts on his FW 2014 collection:

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