ROMBAUT Spring/Summer 14


Everyone who has a deep interest and appreciation for fashion has certain agreements within themselves in regards to what is acceptable to wear and what’s not. They have a deep understanding of their favorite item of clothing, favorite color, and even the aesthetic of their wardrobe in general. These are important aspects that distinguish one’s style from another. In my case, one of the most important pieces in my wardrobe are my shoes. I feel that a wardrobe’s key element is your choice of footwear. This is important because your shoes will make or break your style in many different ways. There has to be harmony between both your wardrobe and footwear.  This is what brought me to ROMBAUT, a made in France sneaker line from designer Mats Rombaut that uses “eco-friendly” materials to get its point across.

A month ago Jared and I stumbled upon this shoe brand ROMBAUT. Based in France and manufactured in Italy, we bring you ROMBAUT’S Spring/Summer 14 collection. This brand refers to their footwear as “more than just a shoe, but a directional fashion concept designed for a more balanced future”. Read this statement, and then look at the shoes and immediately two things can happen: you can fall in love with their shoes instantly or you can hate them just as fast.  We choose love.

Pair (pun intended) with the fact these shoes are “eco friendly” and Rombaut represents a whole new type of shoe company. Through their hyper-minimalistic aesthetics and monochromatic color wave they bring you a shoe that is both environmental friendly – using natural materials such as fig tree bark, cotton canvas, and ecological cotton- and fashion forward. With over five years of experience in men’s accessories, Mats Rombaut worked with high fashion labels like Lanvin and Damir Doma. Because of this you can bet that the Belgian designer will bring you a shoe that is both jaw dropping and eye catching. He does this while using materials that no major high fashion shoe designer has used before.

Here is ROMBAUT’S spring summer 14 collection. Take a Look:

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