Y/Project AW 2014

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Whenever I see Y/Project’s AW 2014 collection, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about my childhood.  I spent those days many years ago watching anime, fascinated not only with those characters but with their elegant and tapered, dark clothing.  There was something just so crisp about what those characters wore.  Belgiun designer Glenn Martens’ Y/Project captures that “crispness” in their AW 2014 men’s and women’s collections.

Y/Project’s men’s collection reminds me of fallen angels walking around the streets of Tokyo or Hong Kong.  Together, the monochromatic looks in the collection ooze urban nightlife; alone, each oozes diversity.  Y/Project designs “trans-seasonal pieces” that can be layered and mix-and-matched according to the wearer’s liking.  This feeling of transformation within seasons is one that can take place anytime, anywhere.  Each look radiates coolness and sophistication, and at the same time, durability and longevity.  My personal favorite looks come from clean, tailored suits, skinny trousers, and the depth of versatility in the collection’s coats.  Y/Project takes what is expected and turns it upside-down.

The women’s collection contains a similar aspect of versatility with a Tim Burton-esque twist.  Think Edward Scissorhands.  With its dark prints, long skirts, fringes, and heavy layering, Y/Project’s AW 2014 women’s collection almost seems like Edward Scissorhands‘ cool goth sister.

Y/Project is definitely a game-changer that turns both men’s and women’s clothing upside-down.

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