99%IS AW 14-15

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99%IS (99 Percent Is) transforms your world into a place where superheroes and villains of fashion are real.  With steamy grey smoke airing and models clad between a mesh of Daft-Punk and an American Horror Story’s Rubber Man inspiration, these masked helmeted models troop down a runway in a way that can’t help but make you want to be bad.  It’s always understood that black makes you look powerful, but 99%IS’ A/W 14 collection for men entirely oozes power.  Whether it be in a creamy, rich black leather from head to toe or something else, each model in A/W14 storms out with a sense of power and urgency, letting the all-black collection do the talking.

Born in Seoul in 1984, Bajowoo, founder of 99%IS, created his own brand — noted as the first official punk brand of Korea.  Upon visiting the underground punk scene of iconic cities including London, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Paris, Bajowoo developed the backbone for 99%IS and cultivated his vision.  Despite graduating extremely recently from fashion school in 2014, his resume is nothing short of spectacular.  His brand’s S/S 14 collection debuted at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week taking Tokyo by storm.

99%IS creates a strength in its leather pieces, strong details from studs, and the construction of its garments.  The wearer of 99%IS has a refined street-style rooted in a punk rock background.  This person is one who is not confined by punk rock but instead uses its iconic aesthetic as a starting point.  Studded tuxedo jackets, bomber jackets with studded collars, and zippers showcase this punk aesthetic, yet the looks are refined by pairing sleek Chelsea boots with almost every piece.  Everything is clearly better with a leather jacket, and this feeling is even incorporated into the details of an ingenius backpack.  The collection features both many classic and punk versions of leather pieces with a mix of eclectic options like leather overalls and cropped pants.  Showcased in this collection, Bajowoo has a clear vision of how to transform the “punk look” into a lifestyle of fashion.

99%IS continues to blow up with celebrities like Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, and even Justin Bieber falling head over heels for this fascinating punk inspired brand.  Check out the looks for yourself:

99percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 3299percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 199percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 299percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 399percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 499percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 599percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 699percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 799percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 899percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 999percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1099percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1299percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1199percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1399percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1499percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1599percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1699percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1799percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1899percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 1999percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2099percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2199percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2299percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2399percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2499percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2599percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2699percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2799percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2899percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 2999percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 3099percentis-aw14-Deux Hommes 31

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