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As modern 21st century fashion progresses it feels as if we’ve lost the word- “longevity.” Everyone seems to be caught up in buying clothing that’s just trendy, but they don’t think about evolution. Evolution of fashion, evolution of garments, evolution of trends, and especially evolution of themselves. With fast fashion being shot at wearers in every direction there is still hope for those of us who stand at the sidelines looking for more classic and timeless choices.

Fear not, bassike created by friends Deborah Sams and Mary-Lou Ryan aspire to create “wardrobe staples with longevity.” What happens when you create high quality garments with organic and premium fabrics? Eternally stylish clothing is the product, at least by bassike. Their brand originally started with organic cotton t-shirts, then to high quality innovative denim, to men’s and women’s ready to wear, and now evolving-game-changing eyewear. The underlying aesthetic of the brand is everyone’s style dream- a mix between easy-going style and subtle luxury. Driven by Australian beach style and the elegance of simple Japanese design inspire the companies ultimate aesthetic.

The garments are divided into both men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collection with a sibling like connection. They both play off of each other creating an extremely unified luxuriously simple look. The women’s aw14 lookbook shows us how to master minimalism. The pieces range from all sorts of shapes, sizes, and textures. From loose fitting tops to shaping denim and even structured wool coats. bassike helps accentuate that simplicity can be done in a grey leather slit neck top while wearing your favorite Birkenstocks all at once. The women’s collection has extreme depth with all sorts of textures like: laminated leather, denim, silk, and wool being used harmoniously. The color story is simple yet refined with: navys, black, cream, and seven shades of beige, white, and off-white.

The men’s collection collection makes us rethink many norms. From wearing a hoodie to the simple beauty of a well-fitted t-shirt. For instance, deconstructing the hoodie truly makes all the difference. Instead of the normal casual look it adds an edge, especially when drop crotch pleated plants are thrown into the equation. What the men’s lookbook lacks in texture (compared to the women’s lookbook) ‘s makes up in texture. Every single garment in the men’s lookbook looks beyond comfortable, I can’t help but want to graze the screen to feel the organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts. While much more subdued the mens collection stays true to the easygoing high quality vibe that bassike achieves. Mastering black and white with never became so easy.

With a strong eye for detail and truly giving consumers what they want and what will last, bassike is on the forefront of a casual-refined-revolution.

bassike AW 14 Lookbook (buy here):

Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 14 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 13 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 12 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 11 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 10 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 9 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 8 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 7 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 6 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 5 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 4 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 3 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 2 Bassike AW 14 Mens DH- 1 Bassike AW 14 DH- 24 Bassike AW 14 DH- 23 Bassike AW 14 DH- 22 Bassike AW 14 DH- 21 Bassike AW 14 DH- 20 Bassike AW 14 DH- 19 Bassike AW 14 DH- 18 Bassike AW 14 DH- 17 Bassike AW 14 DH- 16 Bassike AW 14 DH- 15 Bassike AW 14 DH- 14 Bassike AW 14 DH- 13 Bassike AW 14 DH- 12 Bassike AW 14 DH- 11 Bassike AW 14 DH- 10 Bassike AW 14 DH- 9 Bassike AW 14 DH- 8 Bassike AW 14 DH- 7 Bassike AW 14 DH- 6 Bassike AW 14 DH- 5 Bassike AW 14 DH- 4 Bassike AW 14 DH- 3 Bassike AW 14 DH- 2 Bassike AW 14 DH- 1

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