DressedUndressed Spring Summer 2015 – Tokyo

Fashion, Runway

Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato’s collaboration on the Japanese-based label, DressedUndressed, has lead to many refreshing interpretations of minimalism. For their Spring Summer 2015 collection, the pattern continues as they feature a series of predominantly milky-white outfits, offset only by the occasional muted beige or gray hues and classic navy and black suits. In keeping with their lightness approach, Kitazawa and Sato continually use transparent meshes, billowing cottons, and relaxed knits, as they experiment with cutouts and layering of garments that unexpectedly maintain a pale frailty. Contrasting this airiness are the sharp silhouettes that become more apparent the darker the color scheme, complete with contoured suits and outerwear that revitalize the idea of classic formalwear. Kitazawa and Sato have entirely renovated all spectrums of minimalism and classicism, creating both light and dark renditions of fashion past.

(DressedUndressed Spring Summer 2015 shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, pictures courtesy of MBFWT)

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