Yoshio Kubo Spring Summer 2015

Fashion, Runway

An unexpected redefinement of the hunter-gatherer aesthetic has been inventively tackled by Japanese designer Yoshio Kubo in his Spring Summer 2015 collection, where he has found inspiration in the subtle boldness of menswear. Pairing animalistic prints of varying vibrancies and creating imbalances between solid neutrals, hunter greens, ultramarines, and glowing corals enables Kubo to add substance to a simple concept, grandeur to a nomadic appeal. And though the allure of focusing primarily on essential pieces—a simple sweatshirt, patterned shorts or a snug knit jumpsuit—is crucial to Kubo’s Spring Summer 2015 collection, he does not shy away from embellishing his outfits with utility vests, fitted sports jackets, and fringed sweaters, which work collectively to create a surprisingly polished collection of menswear.

(Yoshio Kubo Spring Summer 2015, Tokyo Fashion Week)


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