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The minimalistic complexity that surrounds Chapter’s collections pales in comparison to the overall enigmatic nature of the collaborative label. While Chapter’s collections are the product of the fusion of many like-minded and creatively driven people’s own thoughts, processes, and inspired ideas, Chapter itself remains a rather sphinxlike fashion presence, though their diverse capabilities help distinguish and set apart their label’s simplistic and contemporary signature pieces. All of this being said, one cannot help but yearn to learn more of Chapter, to understand the low profile visionaries behind it, and the intricacy and delicacy behind each of the label’s progressive developments.


There is much to leave to the imagination about the designers behind Chapter. Tell us a little bit about yourself as well as the others who help to create Chapter?

We all bring different strengths to the table to create the assets and design that we put forth. My background is in clothing design; I started in the men’s contemporary market around 2005. Everyone on our team has worked in the industry for many years. We all work effortlessly together, and the secret is that everyone is confident in what they are doing, which makes for a cohesive environment that embraces forward thinking.

How did Chapter come into creation?

Chapter is the brainchild of Frank Delgadillo, who has a long history in the fashion and apparel industry as an entrepreneurial visionary. The impetus behind the brand was his quest for a modern, simple men’s collection rooted in quality with a timeless, yet progressive aesthetic that would appeal to men around the world. Chapter is symbolic of the individual man’s personal progression, broken down into chapters that evolve in aesthetic, personality and voice. Today, that same vision is guided by a collective of creative minds who work together in Chapter’s Costa Mesa, California design headquarters.

What draws you to the qualities of simplicity and functionality? How do you intend for these qualities to emanate from your work?

This is something we’ve always been drawn to. It starts with a simple infatuation of fabric and finding the right fabric for a silhouette. Through this method we inherently root the collection in simplicity and functionality.

How do you believe you are redefining the contemporary minimalistic fashions?

Process. We start with a seasonal concept and strip it down to its essence. As this is defined we proceed with its interpretation into clothing. We then conspire on how the thought can be taken across all forms of art that we partake in at Chapter. As this interpretation broadens, we remain focused on the necessary details of the original idea, keeping it simplistic and not overdone so its essence can be seen across multiple art medians.


What emotions do you commonly associate with your work? How do you believe your pieces help to physically represent those emotions?

I like to keep a general sense of calm and maintain a positive mind state while designing. I’ve found that this helps me keep my thoughts flowing. I’ve really conditioned myself to deal with stress, and I almost never let it negatively affect my work. Keeping oneself in this mind state helps to keep your design true and effortless.

The photography and videos for Chapter’s collections are conceptually expressive, far more than most other fashion brands and their look books. How do you use other art forms to emphasize or enhance the message of your work?

First off, thank you for the kind words. Conceptually we put everything into our campaigns as they set the tone for our audience to understand the vision that we are trying to get across. This is why we spend an absurd amount of time and planning on our location shoots, installations, development, etc.

What do you believe is the most important characteristic of a garment?

Silhouette. This dictates the feeling the garment will exude, what fabric should be used and the pieces’ functionality.

Describe your label in five words. What about your Labyrinth (SS15) collection?






The above applies to the SS15 collection as well.

What are common inspirations for Chapter’s work? How do you find yourself replenishing your inspiration sources, or do you merely stumble upon them?

There is no method. The inspiration for each collection comes at different times and is not master to a calendar. The flicker that ignites the thought comes from anywhere–movies, books, history, life…

What led to the focus in menswear? What path does Chapter intend to forge?

This was a natural step as most of our backgrounds are in this discipline, which is not to say that we do not have other interests…

What would be your last meal?




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