New York Fashion Week Designer Round Up

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New York Fashion Week is finally here, and we at Deux Hommes cannot be more excited to see what eclectic looks come down the runway this year. After months of excitement, anticipation, and hard work, this is the time when an emerging designer can place their signature stamp on the fashion industry and set the record as to who they stand for.

Here are the new talents we can hardly wait to be in the audience for.

PYER MOSS: A designer the industry has had their eyes on for a while, his constant reinvention of the wheel by taking basic fabrics and comparing it with innovative usages, is exactly why he will be a star designer this week.

SKINGRAFT: Jonny Cota’s label has always intrigued fans with its darker tones compared to its sunny LA roots, so we look forward to seeing his continuation of inventive ways to utilize fabrics and textures.

MELITTA BAUMEISTER: The NYC-based designer from Germany has been buzzing on the scene since her debut collection in 2014 following her completion of the MFA at Parsons. With her now notorious futuristic and feminine design style, we not only expect, but genuinely hope to see the stark contrasts between her and the other designers on the runway, with an emphasis on her usual monochromatic and exaggerated approach to fashion.

JONATHAN SIMKHAI: Another designer who calls the Big Apple home, Simkhai’s unique take on femininity and sexy silhouettes embody the modern and elegant sensuality that he is ever-increasingly becoming known for. From meticulously detailed graphics to his perfect tailoring, let’s hope Simkhai can strategically cut his way to successful with the Autumn Winter collection.

FINGERS CROSSED: There is no emerging designer in the industry who can use an entirely black and white color palette quite like Fingers Crossed. For the past three seasons, Ryu Hayama has produced countless outerwear adorned in mathematically charged patterns. Only a designer with a true eye for fashion can create so many variations of the same elements, and we look forward to seeing what we expect to be another top-notch collection.

KAELEN: Though her designs are usually categorized as old school glamour, Kaelen Haworth is a mastermind when it comes to effortlessly blending feminine features with architectural influences, proving how important the structure of a piece can be to an overall look. What can you expect from her latest runway show? A slew of simple patterns, luxurious textures, and neutral colors to give an earthy edge to this season’s festivities.

PARKCHOONMOO: Designer Choonmoo Park is always finding new ways to infuse her industrial roots into her namesake label, and this season we hope she continues to push the envelope by incorporating various texture, unqiue aesthetics, and a plethora of color palettes.

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