DZHUS Autumn Winter 2015

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Vince Lombardi once said “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” For womenswear designer Irina Dzhus, she not only understands this, but also demands this from her label. Born and raised in Ukraine, Dzhus graduated from The Kiev National University of Technologies and Design in 2010, sharpening her eye for details with a brief stint as a stylist before launching her conceptual label, DZHUS, shortly there after. The vegetarian-friendly brand refuses to represent a single group or occupation, preferring instead to cater to the women who understand clothing cerebrally. Every single piece is mathematic in nature and a true representation of Dzhus as an intellectual person as well as a designer that pushes others to think. Every new assemblage comes a new concept behind it, and with past season’s encompassing titles such as “Overground”, “Technogenesis”, and “Archetype”, to name a few, it was no surprise that Autumn Winter 2015 was designated “TOTALITARIUM”.

Acting like an engineer more than designer, Dzhus utilizes classic minimal shapes and formulas, reinterpreting them into wearable attire. Respect is paid to Constructivism and Classicism architecture with the perfectly geometric triangle hoods and the sharp, precision of the repeating forty-five degree lines. The idea of the working class heroine of Utopian ideology inspired the young designer, which led to the use of the gray scale hues and unyielding silhouettes. Use of matte neoprene and a violence-free technical wool fabric juxtapose incredibly with the systemic placement of exact details. A true testament to Dzhus’s design supremacy lies in one of her standout pieces: a granite colored dress with front zipper that features four symmetrical pleats folded over at the top, leaving just enough excess on either side of the zipper to create the illusion of movement and freedom.

Once again, Dzhus manifests an idea she created herself, with purity and rigor, so all can understand the complexity of her masterpiece.

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