Sister Sister: Capara’s Sketch of Modern Art

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Using audiovisual exposé as a means of bearing their designs down to the bone, Sarajevo-born sisters Vera and Olivera Capara have translated wearable designs into timeless artistry. After various collaborations with iconic designers, such as Maison Martin Margiela, the siblings decided to continue their creative merging with various others, most recently Mallorca-based footwear brand Camper Shoes for their “Together Collaboration”. The Capara label’s individual aspiration to “communicate a coexistence of a designed visual world, an atmosphere translated in fashion accompanied by words, stories, and statements” is a coexistence that is vociferously embodied within their newest collection.

Capara’s lineup for Spring/Summer 2015, titled “HEAD IN THE CLOUDS”, is dreamy and surprisingly vampiric in nature, with uneven hemlines and airy drapage that transfix from day to night. Warped hounds tooth printed coats and suit jackets mix with vibrant, asymmetrical edges and neck-entwining, element-enduring scarves which Capara have come to be known for. This assemblage collectively evokes the soft cubism and art deco revival movements that dominated the art world during the 70s and 80s, in which the work of artists, like Tamara de Łempicka, became a glamorous norm. Accents of fringed tulle and manipulated patterning gives the eyes something to wonder about— a meandering into a collection that meets the utmost of archival standards.

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