Itokawafilm Autumn/Winter 2015

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The Itokawafilm man is the kind you would want to meet in a dark alleyway-attractively subdued and esoteric, the passerby who is all the while worth an audacious double take. The stranger your mother warned you never to talk to but with charm that rivals his sense of vogue.

Launched in 2013 by London designers and creative directors Samuel Membery and James Ari King, the aim for creating a menswear line with an image adhering to “an intercontinental futurism that looks to an illusory paradise…cut and fabricated to capture a refined yet effortless casualness”, has become what is now the Itokawafilm label. Fulfilling these conceptual standards, their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection presents a more heightened breed of sports and casual wear, catering to men of ambition and subtlety alike, locking in on its running theme of monochromatic matte and translucent materials. Itokawafilm’s method of design also takes a likeness to the natural artistry and solidity of granite and ice, proving that fashion can accentuate both the stoic man and the boy who is as vulnerable as cascading rock. The overall power and durability of a military uniform is what Itokawafilm’s recent collection has achieved to duplicate for the cemented urban runways of routine promenade.

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