Maikel Tawadros Atumn/Winter 2015

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Danish designer Maikel Tawadros is all about empowering through manifesting contradictions that parallel the inscrutable world around us. Wanting to capture the contrasting beauty of architectural shapes and femininity, Tawadros commonly finds himself creating eclectic collections with asymmetrical dissonance and tenacity. Though Tawadros’ collections are similar due to having his signature tailoring work, all of his collections differ in the focal point, meaning and the volumes at which these messages are proclaimed.

The message that Maikel Tawadros’ Autumn/Winter 2015 collection embodies is the nature of the nomad with fur pelts, leather, and breezy meshes dominating the pieces. As he explains in his collection video, the nomad has an enviable life: being able to explore and drift to and from without agonizing over the threat of nonessential metropolitan structure is one of the greatest freedoms that one can maintain. Tawadros chose to express his feelings regarding the free nature of nomads with non-constricting garments, dark colors catering to the animalistic side of people and asymmetry that mirrors the controlled chaos of the natural world. Each outfit appears carefree, although structure does play an integral part in each design. With taut leather cut-out bodices, misaligned lapels and fur sleeves that amplify the arms’ size, each model finds themselves with a purely constructed figure, which gives them a greater sense of presence wherever they roam.



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