Yoshio Kubo Autumn/Winter 2015

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It’s clear that someone who decided to create a collection that consists of more than fifty pieces doesn’t believe in being limited. It only took Japanese-born Yoshio Kubo four years to start his own label after graduating from Philadelphia University’s school of Textile and Science. In the time between, he worked as an assistant designer to a Haute Couture brand in New York City. Upon returning to Japan in 2004, he started his namesake label with the goal of getting people to think about the meaning and details of the clothes that they wear.

Yoshio Kubo’s Autumn/Winter 2015 menswear collection is an experiment in a multitude of prints and patterns; to call it “urban streetwear with a twist” would be putting it lightly. Kubo draws inspiration from Native American textiles, Southwestern motifs, and traditional Indian silhouettes. The color combinations, bright warm hues with some neutrals to anchor — or a moody cool hue that nearly occupies an entire look, are especially provocative, but work in the Kubo’s favor. The advantage of having so many pieces in a collection is the ability to thoroughly explore each of his novel ideas, including the recurring blanket-type scarf that is similar to a shawl. There is an obvious fearlessness in the approach to these designs, which is exactly what streetwear tends to be missing these days. If getting people thinking is the only goal, then Kubo already succeeded.

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