LINIE Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

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LINIE’s Fall/Winter 2015 lineup offers as much fresh and unblemished detailing as a leisurely perimeter through the MOMA. And, like preserving the many curves of a pondering sculpture via billowing drapery, LINIE embraces the female form, all the while guarding her individual secrecy. The goal of Swedish designer Maria Hedmark was not just making pretty clothes for pretty people, but delivering a fresh and innovative outlook on womenswear by providing the same material structure, comfort, and versatility to a woman’s body as menswear does for the masculine form. By “minimizing unnecessary cuts and seams with a one-pattern-piece theory, LINIE’s detail-oriented tailoring allows the fabric and body to express their purest forms.” With this simple philosophy in mind, the LINIE brand was conceived in 2011.

Inspired by Man Ray’s 1916 The Rope Dancer Accompanies Herself with Her Shadows, LINIE combines the essence of industrial grandeur and modern simplicity, offering a seasonal collection of interchangeable outfitting that speaks for itself, with material qualities ranging from feathery to leathery. The often overlooked technique of combining contrasting materials, pairing abated color palettes with lambent arrays, as well as incorporating a meticulous approach to detailing, are what make this collection a competitive counterpart to this year’s runway trends. Adhering to said trends are the inclusion of 70s-esque patterning and liberal-fitting flares, putting more power into the power walk. The underlining and effortless 3D crochet dresses in black, beige, and aubergine are a definite trademark, making Hedmark an emerging competitor in today’s arduous industry of fashion.

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