Not Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes: VELT Autumn/Winter 2015

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VELT, the footwear-lovechild of Stefan Rechsteiner and Patrick Rüegg, is a dynamic Berlin-based label that is now only in its third year. The duo studied product design in Zurich with an emphasis in footwear — albeit one in sports shoes and the other in orthopedic shoes. Tackling an ambitious goal, the brand aspires to create a contemporary shoe in the context of traditional methods and materials.

VELT’s Fall/Winter 2015 shoe collection is undeniably bold and urban; a departure from their last few seasons’ austere colorways. The lapis lazuli takes center stage, directing attention against a monochrome backdrop. Fringe, a common element on traditional tassel loafers, is reinterpreted for a more current feel: diagonally-oriented, the suede fringe is a well-appreciated contrast to the fields of color. It offers a sense of whimsical movement even when the shoe itself is stationary. Though evident in both pairs, the design of the second is really quite a marvel. The white facing appears to gracefully wrap around the heel, coming up on the other side. This same panel also crosses down into the sole of the show, seamlessly integrating itself despite the sudden change from leather to synthetic. Despite the presence of dual-toned soles as a running theme through VELT’s collections, this Fall Winter season is particularly graphic. To also pair them with white, athletic socks in this season’s lookbook, VELT clearly desires to turn the idea of tradition on its head, producing one of its most progressive and striking collections yet.

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