Daniele Michetti’s World Class Adventure

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A visual trademark of Italian design has always been the handcrafted pursuit of penultimate luxury, and this year’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection by Daniele Michetti bears its every likeness. Hailing from the small seaboard region of Corridonia, Italy, Michetti is the son of a keenly skilled shoe manufacturer, a technique that has been inherently embedded in his roots and craft.

Vividly inspired by his Carribbean and African travels, Michetti’s lineup evokes a frenzied safari of untamed footwear while, at the same time, remains devoted to the Mediterranean tradition of vibrant colors and classic Hollywood glamour. Michetti thrives through his philosophy of the parasitic function of footwear, adhering to the psychic connection between shoes and their female hosts. The combination of an irresistible luster of metallic finishes with intricate leather weaving makes for an industrial and organic hybridity that fuses the solidity and delicacy of his pieces. The added fringes, baby spikes and complex interweaving prove that Michetti’s vision doesn’t just have one woman in mind but openly welcomes the world to experience his prodigious talent.

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