The Galaxy of Asu Aksu


Asu Aksu’s collection for Spring/Summer 2015, titled “7th Sister,” gives the eyes what a smooth EDM track does to the ears—a boundless trek towards an infinite, luminous void. In terms of womenswear, this label offers much more than a glimpse of what’s to come for the future of fashion, as well as for Istanbul-based designer Asu Aksu, herself. After working within the ambitious industries of Public Relations, advertising and television, she established her own brand while attending the Istanbul Fashion Academy in 2009. Aksu utilizes fine materials and nonconforming yet uncomplicated cuts, creating designs that combine the past and future endeavors of innovation.

The post-apocalyptic vibes that are emanated from these pieces equally measure those of the visual standards. Translucent, contrasting stripes and metal-evoking skirts emit a unique power, truly valuing silver over gold. Formal pieces, such as the “Event Horizon Dress” and “Electra Top” exhibit a striking resemblance to the constellations, while more casual creations like “The Stellar Sweatshirt” present a subdued sensuality evoking beams of light, signaling a new discovery in modern fashion.



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