Bobby Kolade Celebrates His Roots

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Born to German-Nigerian parents in Sudan in 1987, womenswear designer Bobby Kolade spent the majority of his life in Uganda, moving to Berlin in 2005 to attend The Academy of Arts. After learning the trade from the fashion houses of Balenciaga and Maison Martin Margiela, the talented international star started his namesake label. The core philosophy not only encourages individuality, but also promotes sustainability so much so that Kolade makes it a point to never use leather, and instead, opting for West African linen or bark.

At the onset of a new collection, Kolade begins at a specific location, gaining inspiration and envisioning the designs. For his Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, Kolade honors his West African culture with traditional tribal colors popping from innovative fabrics and linens that are rarely, if at all, used for clothing. These clothes celebrate movement while incorporating precise cuts and textiles that highlight a woman’s shape and form. Skin is not exposed, instead covered by a silky shimmering fabric and celebratory patterns or vaguely shielded by sheer sleeves. The hybrid coats, made from vibrantly hued Minwenda of South Africa and wool with silk lining, are refreshingly striking and beautifully represent Kolade’s history.

A rare balance between the mild and the magnificent, Kolade provides an inspiring collection of perfect harmony.

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