Alex Mullins Spring/Summer 2016 Collection LFW

Men, Fashion, Runway

Teenage angst and gawky high school memories were revived during Alex MullinsSpring/Summer 2016 collection for London Men’s Fashion Week. Though most would rather like to forget those awkward moments, the nearly all white denim collection was covered with a myriad of brightly colored graffiti graphics in pink, orange and blue that coated bombers, trench coats and t-shirts. Following the trend of the label, these slightly abstract, hand-drawn designs brought a sense of authenticity to the pieces while being seemingly symbolic of the youthful emotions Mullins was trying to portray. A captivating look was an oversized blazer and loose-fitting trousers combo with one side of the pants whimsically lit with floral designs and the other displaying bright and fiery yellow flames while the jacket adorned a mirage of pink and orange flames. It is no doubt this collection made the undesirable uncertainty of adolescence suddenly cool in a crowd of uber-stylish and sophisticated peers, a testament to Mullins’ capability and creativity.

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