Convicted: Public School NYC’s Spring/Summer 2016 NYFWM

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Smug smeared their faces while the i-don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude seeped from their pores, piercing the thick air saturating their rectangular holding cells outfitted with height markers traced on the walls. As if straight from an episode of Law and Order—cue Detective Broscoe—each model was ordered via loudspeaker to step forward by number to be identified, which just so happen to include inmate #4, a.k.a fashion’s gentleman, Nick Wooster, nailing home the point that Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, through all their failures and relentless determination, have not only “made it”, but singlehandedly birthed a new meaning of cool that is genuinely age-and genderless.

Through a series of monochromatic vignettes mixed with sharp tailoring and athletic cues, Chow and Osborne captured the essence of New York City’s urbanity in their Spring/Summer 2016 collection by playing with proportions, pairing drop crotch pants with a cut-off sleeved plaid button down and boxy blazer or straight leg pleated trousers with a windowpane shirt, made complete by a maxi vest with exaggerated cargo pockets. Coats—and there were plenty to choose from—were strategically zipped half way or buttoned solely at the collar, producing a flare that diagonally flowed from the body. Reverse layering, which is a Public School staple, was once again the foundation of the collection, further modernizing the classic sportswear aesthetic while staying true to their streetwear-infused sensibilities.

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