Asger Juel Larsen Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Men, Fashion, Runway

An urban aesthetic coupled with a yearning to dispel the idea of the quintessential man came to define the Amazon wilderness that Asger Juel Larsen has created for his Spring/Summer 2016 presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week. A multitude of jungle prints in palm green and burnt orange helped to expand on the idea that this environment isn’t always the tamest place, rooting further into the notion that it’s the perfect place to discover and explore. Ascots, cropped tee shirts, boxer briefs and strikingly small denim shorts proved this to the ninth degree, redefining the gender stereotypes that are so often seen in menswear. Plastic python pants were coupled with utilitarian styled duster jackets, leather body bags featured plunging necklines and gold lamé was seen in a biker jacket-cropped short set, once again questioning the idea of classic masculinity. With a sultry meets edgy vibe, it seems as if this jungle has proven that redefining expectations seems to be what Asger Juel Larson does best.

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