Chapter x Monkey Time of United Arrows Collaboration Collection

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Los Angeles based Chapter and Japanese brand Monkey Time of United Arrows have teamed up to create a limited edition capsule collection for the Autumn/Winter 2015 season. A collaboration that is both sleek, creative and inspired, this collection features everything from classic white button downs sans lapel with extra-large pockets to new takes on classic denim. The limited collection is available on August 8th exclusively through Monkey Time of United Arrows in Japan as well as through Chapter’s online store

Subtlety is by far the capsule’s strong suite. Embellishments are far and few between, but exaggerated drawstrings, doubled up zippers and subdued layering are all driving forces behind this collaboration. In the same breath, the two design houses are crafting a streetwear inspired presentation that is Eastern in its simplicity and unrestricted in its interpretation of the term “traditional”. Slightly undone hems, tapered trousers and geometric silhouettes with industrial zippers help to carve out the niche that both Chapter and Monkey Time of United Arrows crave to find; one where edge isn’t defined by being overdone, but instead by understated details that transform a garment into a walking piece of modern art.

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