Rugged Fluidity: Jonathan Christopher Homme Spring/Summer 2016

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Dutch designer Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen of Jonathan Christopher Homme only made his debut at Amsterdam Fashion Week a year ago, but he has been making huge splashes in the world of design: he was chosen by Marc Jacobs for the Design for Tomorrow Berlin competition in 2011, was one of the twelve finalists for Knlack/Le Vig Fashion Weekend in Brussels and works freelance for brands such as Karl Lagerfeld and the like. Hofwegen received his Bachelor’s degree in fashion and apparel design at the Willem de Kooning Academy, and went on to graduate with an MA in fashion design at the prestigious ArtEZ Institute for the Arts. He has worked with Dutch menswear designer Francisco van Benthum, and was nominated for the Drempelprijs voor vormgeving in 2009 for the most talented graduates of Rotterdam. If that resume is not impressive enough, a look at his collections secures his talent.

Hofwegen experiments on the juxtapositions in life to which he is drawn: “masculine and feminine, light and dark, soft and harsh.” His pieces are said to use delicate romantic draping against a hard shell of tailoring, with a definitively androgynous aesthetic. Spring Summer 2016 dances between these lines, with intentionally rugged seams and loose but sleek garments gracing the collection. Fluidity is balanced against tight-fitting pieces and torn up fabrics, while traditional tailoring is set against broad, layered fabrics. Hofwegen sticks to a mainly monochromatic palette splashed with red-orange, further exemplifying the raw nature of his garments with a bit of a surprise. Loose and refined, the collection could not be more dualistic.

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