Clouds of Chrome: Wanda Nylon Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

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Technology inspired aesthetic is taking the face of fashion and molding it into something new, and no house represents this quite like Wanda Nylon. For the Paris based label’s latest offering, inspiration came from “technical materials infused with a strong design vision.” The brand’s sartorial success is due to their ability to follow this notion forward and to manifest it so accurately.

For Wanda Nylon’s Autumn/Winter 2015 menswear collection, quilted teal jackets are crafted to look as if they’re layered, urging on the exploration of where utilitarian and style merge. This same sense of play is seen in the brands use of textiles. There’s a clear motive of recrafting the image of raincoats into something more modern, something more precise. Water resistant materials are used to make an oily black dress shirt with contrasting crimson sleeves and an azure pocket, and simple trench coats in slate gray are paired with minimal shoes. Chrome raincoats feature matching pants, both which rely on black paneling to add a certain level of nonchalance to the look, urging the idea that this aesthetic works rain or shine. There’s an entire style that’s concocted around this niche style of outerwear, one that works precisely with billed leather hats, pure white shoes and simple lines. This sort of plainness is urban in its nature, and by working carefully with textures, the brand has been able to redefine an offering that’s classically seen in menswear. Velvet tracksuits are made with drop crotch pants and space like boots, varsity jackets feature gold metallic sleeves and sweatshirts are done up in neoprene. Wanda Nylon is urging on the battle between style and usefulness, regardless of the weather.

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