Blank Etiquette AW15: Freedom on its Own Terms

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Freedom of expression and self-discovery has always been humanity’s impetus. It allows for innumberable pathways towards creativity, function and reinvention. What Tosca Wyss of the Berlin-based label Blank Etiquette found early in her life was that she was forced to rethink the confines of living a free, creative life. Her freedom of expression was stifled while her formative years were spent being force-fed to be a so-called creative, when in fact, she just wasn’t ready. Instead, she found herself stumbling through the design worlds serving an apprenticeship as a seamstress. While toiling away, the designer soon discovered what works and what doesn’t work for her own self-discovery. Fast forward, and we see that Wyss has certainly been given the chance to illustrate her new found freedom. Her dedication and drive has birthed quality combinations of unique colors, patterns, textures and shapes that create seasonless and timeless collections.

Realizing ideas, visions and dreams from her own work has produced an unbound freedom to construct and make room for plenty of playful virtuosity. Jackets with patchwork colors of white, yellow and blue, combined with black and white blocked casual pants and sandals produce a humorous equilibrium to some of the stark luxury sportswear that takes itself way too seriously. Graphic patterns on top of blue neoporene “sweat” shirts punctuating shiny pants of the same color clues us in that Wyss is not afraid to texturize to her own hearts desire. The ultimate expression in this collection is when Wyss showcases her presicion embroidery on the back of white coats and on the front of white shorts, subtly speaking to the world that yes, I have arrived on my own terms.

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