The Soft Side of Hard: Cédric Jacquemyn Autumn/Winter 2015

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Born in the year of 1987 in Antwerp, Cédric Jacquemyn has developed a dark romantic menswear aesthetic into a ready-to-wear mecca that showcases garments, jewelry and bags. Graduating from the Academy in 2010, Jacquemyn started his own label and showed at Paris, Berlin, London and Copenhagen fashion weeks, however he remains deeply rooted in Antwerp. Jacquemyn’s work is all about the senses. For touch, garments that flow with a certain historical and mythical significance are produced by sculpting natural fibres.

Showing off his skills as a sartorial tailor, Jacquemyn’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection starts at the root of cloth and construction by taking perfect cuts with great fabrics and combining these two superpowers into wares. Rites of passage references are used and are seen through the evolutionary nature of some of the pieces. Long, architectural silhouettes are a dominant force and are paired with leather boots. Each layer is pulled back and provides the eye to view something new and interesting. It is the beautiful and delicate balance of knitwear and leather that makes Jacquemyn’s collection shine.

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