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The Academy of Art Spring/Summer 2016 Collections NYFW

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A lot can change in a decade. From Bryant Park to Lincoln Center to the Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station and Skylight Clarkson Square, the locations may have changed but the dreams haven’t. The Academy of Art University School of Fashion has been in the dream making business since 2005, when it handpicked its first crop of student designers to showcase their wears to an esteemed audience at New York Fashion Week. This season was no exception.

With eight designers and six collections there was no shortage of eye candy on. Here’s the rundown.

Color Me Cool:

Not much can be said for B.F.A. Menswear Designer Livia Bianda’s deliciously crafted collection of lycra, mesh, pinstripe wool and cotton, color blocked, football inspired garb and accessories, other than we’ll take one in every size.

The Other Venus:

Would you argue with a man in an oolong tea dyed asymmetrical gilet and pleated skirt? We didn’t think so. Danger never looked so structured than in B.F.A Menswear Designer Ruone Yuan’s Venus flytrap silhouetted jackets.

Abstract A-line:

A collaboration between M.F.A. Fashion Designer Liz Li and B.F.A. Knitwear Designer Bom Kim resulted in 1940s A-line shaped, Chinese heritage focused, hand painted and embroidered dresses, knits and other femininely accouterments.

La Garçonne:

Out to encourage the notion of androgynous dressing, M.F.A. Fashion Designer Wenhan Yuan edified her “one of the boys” vision in a variety of cottons, suiting and paper-textured fabrics improving on the notion of sensuality in subtly.

M.F.A. Fashion Designer Mehrzad Hemati accomplished a similar task, blurring men’s and womenswear elements via the application of silk charmeuse, duchess satin and organza garments. Fun fact: Her closures were designed to resemble piercings.

All That Glitters:

Some collections are just dreamy. An ethereal state of mind was precisely what M.F.A. Fashion Designers Max Lu and Jingci Jessie Wang were going for. 1950’s silhouettes, lame, metallics, leather and sequins— oh my!


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