Ming Pin Tien Spring/Summer 2016 Collection LFW

Women, Fashion, Runway

An elegant sense of discord was presented through a blend of feminine and masculine silhouettes, altered and reworked with punk accents for Ming Pin Tien’s latest at London Fashion Week. Spring/ Summer 2016 was reimagined through geometric cutouts replaced with floral appliques, quilted floor length skirts made of leather and rivets and structured white motorcycle jackets patched up with mauve and violet pieces. Silhouettes and tone were intentional in this collection, both in their strength and their rough-around-the-edges nature. And although this collection ventured on the edge of androgynous, pieces like a midi length dress with an angular cut out along the stomach, finished with a reoccurring silver print and oversized rivet accents helped to anchor the idea that female power can be a mindset as well as an aesthetic. This collection ventures towards the idea that fashion holds a power of its own, one which Tien utilized thanks to masterly crafted pieces and a penchant for questioning fashion norms.

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