Léa Peckre Spring/Summer 2016 Collection PFW

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Léa Peckre is not simply Paris’ brightest, emerging talent in fashion right now; she’s also given birth to the movement of new elegance in her Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The runway doesn’t lie, and neither does her motivation for crafting a collection fit for a desert space princess. Before launching her own emerging brand, Peckre graciously served and worked under Givenchy, Isabel Marant and Jean Paul Gaultier. Under the heavy influences of these designers, Peckre clearly decided it was time to think beyond the scope of her predecessors and strike a new balance between her own version of wearability and muted sensuality. Elemental emotions play hard to get or easy to capture in and out of her pieces, but one thing’s for sure, they never fail to display visual poetry. That’s the requirement, as Peckre simply does not want her followers to escape reality. What she does achieve is to simply heighten reality with her delectable sci-fi in the Sahara vision.

The premise begins with muted color palettes and straps galore either beautifully constricting the chest and shoulders or holding slivers of long vests together, even sometimes painting them above the chest. Plumes of bunched mesh organza and silk fabrics produce quasi-cocoon shaped dresses that float on top of the body. Lavender waist-length crisscross tunics over skirt-pant sets are the designers way of playing with strong, terra-form shapes. What’s clear here is that the collection plays with innumerable methods of daring contrast. Regal pleats, structural leathers and bright purple palettes are the final space storm that delivers this collection well onto planet Earth.

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