The Last Conspiracy x ECCO Collaboration

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There is a new sheriff in town when it comes to innovative footwear solutions. If we look at the realm of sneakers, the offering is simply overwhelming. Often purchased without looking into any origins, collected meticulously in their boxes, stuck on shelves, or worn until muddy, and eventually discarded, our sneakers deserve so much better.

Therefore, it was pleasant to see how different things are at THE LAST CONSPIRACY. These Nordic outfitters continue to impress by working very closely with their local craftsmen, assuring the sincere background of each pair. This is a process that is incredibly time consuming but eventually worth the wait. During the recently wrapped up Paris Fashion Week, they unveiled a new exciting project.

Roald Nore, the brand’s Creative Director has always been very keen on invigorating the footwear debate. In his work, he succeeds in connecting the past with the present, even looking beyond formally self-imposed limitations of construction. His latest outlet came from a special connection to the research lab of ECCO Leather, located in Dongen, a small town in the Netherlands. Their team has been working with the largest luxury brands for many years, seeking for new ways of treating, producing and sourcing leathers. Their creativity lies in the fact that they have gathered so much knowledge about this versatile fabric, stretching its usage to incredible heights. In this, they always try to merge innovative techniques with respect for traditional craftsmanship. As you can imagine, this ticked many boxes for Mr. Nore. The result was a wonderful dialogue, carefully nursed and maintained by both studios.

After a series of experiments, treatments, textural research and a long process of trial and error, they concocted a new recipe for the freshest sneakers we have seen in a while. Clean, sturdy, flexible and simply bang on point. It is especially worthwhile to further explore the technical process that is found behind each pair of ECCO x THE LAST CONSPIRACY sneaks. We asked Roald to explain this to us in short:

The construction of each pair begins by selecting sturdy slabs of aluminum tanned cow leather by hand. These are individually paired and welted by strong stitches, applied by the steady hands of our local artisans. Afterwards, the team continues by crafting the sole, the foundation to any piece of footwear. These are directly molded onto the last, whilst rounding each curve meticulously. The final assembly is also conducted by hand, through the gradual injection of high-tech rubber alongside the shoes’ base. At the end of the line, sole and upper become one.”

At this point, technology and history meet, forging a most powerful bond. Invented in the North but composed by diligent hands of the craftsmen of the South. These specimens truly invite one to roam and explore beyond what once seemed impossible. Get ready to engage!

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding
AD: Marlo Saalmink
Location: Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus, Denmark
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