Cirque de Soleil: Cres E. Dim Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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Hong Bum Kim, the mastermind behind Korean label Cres E. Dim, shot himself out of a cannon this season, so to speak. For his Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Kim took to the circus for his source of inspiration, creating large graphics of unicycles, lions, popcorn buckets and the-oh-so-cute ball balancing seals in an appropriate scheme of vibrant colors. Embellishments reminiscent of clown costumes adorned much of the assemblage with oversized pockets, round lapels and enlarged zipper pulls as the mainstays. The collection played heavily on contrast which was evident in the looks, such as the matching pajama set patterned with the brand logo in bubble letters and the well-tailored black dress that fell seductively off the shoulder, only to be decorated with a “CRES” flag earring and leather collar. Kim’s knack for kitsch never goes unnoticed, and this season it was made clear in the way he accessorized his looks with models swinging shopping baskets and cradling toaster ovens instead of the more “traditional” handbags. Never being one to disappoint, Kim has proven he is the reigning ringleader and the models are the walking posters for this spring’s hottest ticket in town.

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