Casting Call: Alexander Dominguez Plays Deux Hommes Mad Libs

Men, Models, Interview

Name: Alexander Dominguez

Agency: Red NYC

Seen In: Deux HommesFlaunt and L’Officiel magazines


I enjoy easily winning in the world, and I love meeting up with acquaintances for battle after work. My day-to-day schedule is sexy and includes loudly playing with fools. Currently, my favorite artists are vampires and pyramids, which I listen to while I do the twist. I love how they get my long hair tangled. On my day off, I like to drink and punch, especially with zombies. My go-to look is aquatic, and I always wear ponchos. My favorite food is roadkill, and I cannot live without rappers. Lately, I have been into skateboarding but should probably do more of the electric slide.

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