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Monday, November 16th


Holed Up: Helen Lawrence Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Delicate crocheted knits, deliberately broken into specific patterns, created a mirage of summer ingenuity in Helen Lawrence’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Featured in bright hibiscus, orchid and cornflower, the tropical hues brightened cream and black separates to evoke images of sun-kissed beaches by the Mediterranean.

Liselore Frowijin-FW15-2

No. 3 Formania Liselore Frowijn Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

A graduate of the Netherland-based ArtEZ Institute of Arts, womenswear designer Liselore Frowijn began her infusion of art into fashion by taking inspiration from the bright colors of a Matisse painting in her graduate collection, entitled “Afternoon of a Replicant,” that studied the clashes and complexities between sportswear and luxury wear, a signature she now proudly holds true to her label.

Tuesday, November 17th

Casting Call: Alexander Dominguez


Model Alexander Dominguez of Red NYC plays Deux Hommes model mad libs.


Care to Dance? Pauline Yuen Pui Ling Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

A native from Hong Kong and recent M.F.A. graduate of the Milanese-based Domus Academy, Pauline Yuen Pui Ling produced not one, but two collections for her Spring/Summer 2016 season.

Wednesday, November 18th


A Chat With Moohong Kim

Dynamite dialectics peppered with 21st century diversions towards idealistic, philosophical practices gets Moohong Kim out of bed every morning. On planet Moohong, we can peer into the skies of both artistic and theoretical waveforms that play bold notes in the cocoon silhouettes and draping of fabrics that are keenly fastened to the designers’ signature utility.


Square Up! Sons Of William Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Following their Fall/Winter 2015 “Frost Esthetique” collection, Sons of William was met with astounding success for their second NYFW showing — an appropriately titled Spring/Summer 2016 collection, “Dust Esthetique.” Danish brothers Victor and Julius Juuls prepared an illustrious, post-apocalyptic narrative for their show: a society ravaged by war and dust storms that was split into two factions, the Outcasts and the Civilized Assembly.

Thursday, November 19th


Dysmorphia by Dyan Jong

Models Wylie Hays and Justin Gossman, with the help of makeup artist Jeffrey Baum, transform into photographer Dyan Jong’s dysmorphic world.

Leon Louis-SS16-6

Imperfection: Leon Louis Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The darkness that Leon Louis presents in his Spring/Summer 2016 collection is not the darkness most people are accustomed to — it is neither foreboding or malicious.

Friday, November 20th

Wesley Berryman-5

Gothic Couture: Wesley Berryman “002” Collection

When unisex fashion debuted back in the swinging Sixties, it was marking the sexual revolution. Fast-forward to Wesley Berryman’s “002” collection, and we see aggression ruling the rooster.


HTML Life: Youser Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Millennial culture and soft tailoring collide in South Korean-based brand Youser. Though only a few seasons in, their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, entitled “Algorithm of Dream,” embodies a glossy, pixel-coated concept that finds itself quite at home in the middle of Instagram feeds and hashtag hyperlinks.

Saturday, November 21st

Joseph Haver-12

Geometrics: Joseph Haver 2015 Eyewear Collection

Experienced optometrist-turned-designer, Joseph Haver offers the perfect balance between thoughtful design and functional comfort to eyewear. Hailing from Tel-Aviv, Haver’s 5 models in Mazzucchelli acetates are well-known for their quality and finish as they are immaculately handmade in a small factory in the south of Italy.

Sunday, November 22nd


Strong Whispers: DressedUndressed Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Minimalist enthusiasts can rejoice in the crisp, understated glory of Japanese label DressedUndressed. Clean tailoring meets casual street style: the designers behind the label, Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato, have been redefining the contemporary aesthetic Japan as an underground streetwear label since it’s start in 2009.

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