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Kinetic Traces: Silvia Fado Spring/Summer 2016 Footwear Collection

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This Spring/Summer 2016 season, designer Silvia Fado jumped into exciting territory with a footwear collection full of heels perfect for leaping. Based in Barcelona, Fado graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2014 with a Masters in Fashion Footwear. With a background in knitwear and a strong interest in architecture, she combines her passions to produce unique and inimitable collections.

The heels of Fado’s designs draw the eye first. Creatively reimagined, they range from transparent acrylic stilettos to wood wedges with a large semi circle carved out. The wedges lift an open toe, white leather bootie that sits low on the ankle. A white leather sandal rests high on a chunky acrylic heel that gives the conservative design a more avant-garde look.

Entitled “Kinetic Traces,” the collection softly hints at the careful engineering it took to develop these pieces that aim to not only be fashionable, but also fulfill the practical functions of comfortability in shoes. Fado takes inspiration from high performance sports footwear to create designs that flatter while still enabling movement. Coupled with this are her aesthetics, which go hand in hand for Fado, as these designs make use of the finest sources ranging from Italian leather and hardwood to acrylic, stainless steel and aluminum to make them amazing performers.

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