The Beauty of Mobility: FFIXXED Studios Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

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By capitalizing on the notion that fashion, art and design are in no way mutually exclusive, FFIXXED Studios has created a collaborative project inspired by the cities around the world. For their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau have crafted and curated a clean and interesting presentation of menswear. As a duo, the designers started FFIXXED in Berlin in 2008, and currently move between multiple cities including Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The quality of the garments is indicative of the fact that each piece is crafted in-house in Shezhen, at the foot of the Wutong Mountains. The studio also finds inspiration amongst how clothing is used and viewed in our daily lives, and uses “natural fibers and personalized production techniques” to mimic this idea.

It is clear that FFIXXED Studios uses fashion as a stimulus for social discussion and change. By finding inspiration in unisex and other forms of art, the label is forming new ideas by creating clothes that tell their story for them. For Autumn/Winter 2015, this exploration was felt in meticulously draped cowl neck coats, intricately folded scarves, A-line cameo jackets and color-blocked duster coats. The strong point of this collection, however, was its nod to subtlety. There was nothing over the top here for the sake of it and that sort of intention allowed strong silhouettes, well-thoughtout designs and beautiful, weighted textiles to really do the talking. Because of their strong aesthetic, FFIXXED didn’t have to resort to any sort of shock factor to get their point across. With a strong knack for design and clothing, Picken and Lau were able to weave a modern take on classic menswear, all on their own.

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