Dysmorphia By Dyan Jong

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Dysmorphia by photographer Dyan Jong featuring models Wylie Hays & Justin Gossman

Text by Yasamin Rahmanparast

Who we are

one generation/

under God (whatever that may be)

Our choice in every 5, 4, 3

is morphing

“People only tell me things I already know,”

She cocked her head and let me go,

“Don’t you know?

We’ve only got to hear them bleed;

Just watch the screen, honey and

wash your jeans.”

“I’ll do it (tomorrow).”

She could see the whites in my eyes,

Actuality is so damn tedious

Now realize that a

Like for like and

Blood for blood

Are not in fact the same

But despite their planar differences,

Dimensions are arranged

To forward an agenda

in the name of

something we once

thought we knew

yet wake today and face a face

we hardly knew we knew


deep down,

In the well

of Self.

Across the universe on my desk

there is a shelf mounted

with an elf that tells me

it’s much better to do what they do

than better myself for him or for you

At the end of the day,

“What can I do?”

in a mass of double­tapping that ass and

half­hearted “How do you do’s”

Because in all our years

we’ve befriended only

140 characters or less

Despite the fact

that there’s a web

without a border on the net

Full of hims and hers and zirs and theys

People who look like you and I,

Only so, so very far away

But here we stay

Staring and watching

Our own reflections

as bystanders who

we can no longer recognize

Wardrobe Credits (from top to bottom)

Look 1 & 2 – Ashton Michael; Look 3 – Maria Dora; Look 4 – Stikeleather;

Look 5 – Erevosd Aether; Look 6 – Kieley Kimmel; Look 7 & 8 – Ashton Michael; 

Look 9- Yuima Nakazato 

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