Erotica: 0770 Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

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Meet Enzo Pirozzi and Irene De Caprio, the duo behind 0770. Enzo, a costume and fashion designer, and Irene, a photographer, formed a partnership to create fashion that goes beyond the patterns presented at face value. By browsing through the archives of a glorious past where art, customs and culture are all in sync and compliment each other artistically, inspiration ranges from literature to photography, and theater to painting. However the study of socio-cultural youth movements is always prevalent.

Each collection is to desecrate a concept, and is an expression of mood to overpower the current commercialism of fashion. For Fall/Winter 2015, 0770 takes objects that communicate with the senses in every day life and give them a new sort of twist. Inspired by female iconography with a strong and seductive appeal, geometric shapes are given a bit of a push with a monochromatic palette. Silhouettes are fitted: tight-fitted belts (cinched at the waist and flare out, varying at different widths) show the female form and accentuates the hourglass curves of a woman. A sensual female is full of mystery and power, and 0770 embraces this in the hip region.

Bracelets that chevron cut from leather and are quite thick. An interesting take on armwear was a leather cuff that comes up to the forearm. Details are seen in the stitching and carvings, making each piece truly beautiful. Neckwear was another plus (various types of collars for all tastes), but the highlight was a black leather shoulder piece that ropes around, and featured a silver d-ring detail in the center. A laser cut leather necklace that shows geometry and the art of precision was another hit.

The Deux Hommes favorite? The Madonna-esque leather bra with an iconic shape. Want to turn heads? This is certainly a showstopper for any woman who is aware of her beauty and wants to exalt it.

Designing ready-to-wear and accessories that are unique, 0770 creates not fashion, but objects of desire. The wearer of 0770 does not simply wear a belt, a jacket or what ever it may be: she lives it.

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