Tundra: Avvikk Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

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Earthbound visions, penumbral inner space and metaphorical mobility are the mainstays behind Avvikk’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Aptly entitled “Tundra,” the Norwegian footwear brand has delivered a distinctively unisex footwear collection to take the wearer above and beyond each step of inner and outer urban spaces. Staying true to their ideals of experimentation, the brand has decisively managed to produce footwear options that are sleek and understated but powerful. With only two collections under their belt, this year proves to be a necessary education in the brands strong and instinctive sense of design. The result is a full throttle of finishes and shapes epitomizing each runner, boot and platform, alike.

Designed in Oslo, Avvikk’s mainframes and materials are carefully crafted in Italy using hand finishes from the finest Italian producers. Attention to quality has driven the brand towards making a lasting impression on today’s emerging footwear design. A strict “no laces” policy on platforms, boots, loafers and runners provides simplicity in form. The brand’s experimentations with new fastenings such as Velcro, neoprene and zippers delivers a look beyond simply wearing the items, but of embodying signature abstract shapes with hints of lunar surface mobility. With this no fuss attitude towards execution and function, the brand has embarked on playing with new ways of handling crushed metallic fabrics in conjunction with a few solo clutches found within the collection. Neutral color palettes give way to the profundity of the shapes over visual appearance. While others continue to step into safety, Avvikk remains one step ahead.

Avikk-AW15-1 Avikk-AW15-2 Avikk-AW15-4 Avikk-AW15-5 Avikk-AW15-6 Avikk-AW15-7 Avikk-AW15-8 Avikk-AW15-9 Avikk-AW15-10 Avikk-AW15-11 Avikk-AW15-12 Avikk-AW15-13 Avikk-AW15-14 Avikk-AW15-17 Avikk-AW15-18 Avikk-AW15-19 Avikk-AW15-20 Avikk-AW15-22Avikk-AW15-21

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