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Nothing But A Dream: A Chat With Womenswear Designer Rinat Brodach

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Rinat Shayna Brodach’s journey to whom and where she is now wasn’t an easy one. The Israeli-born daughter of Moroccan and Eastern European parents, Brodach sacrificed, just as many other immigrants, to come to America to follow her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. From a very young age, Brodach’s passion for growth and knowledge set her digging into her curiosity for draping and the movement of fabric, a major key to her brand. After serving in the Israeli Air Force, as all Israeli citizens are to do, she gained the strength and direction to finally make the move. Various international journeys and apprenticeships later, she launched her eponymous label in New York City in 2012.

Brodach’s aesthetic is derived from her extensive knowledge and training in draping that allows the woman beneath the garment to stand out and draw an audience. She developed the idea of hidden exposures within garments as well as figured out how to enhance a woman’s figure without exposing her whole bodice. Through this, she captures a balance between androgyny and sensuality while weaving her identity into each piece. Brodach remains committed to her philosophy of truth that is stemmed from expert finishing, draping, and above all, a connection to the soul.

You just showed your collection here in Charleston, SC, which is outside of your typical clientele and market realm. Why did you make this move?

My publicist Elliot Carlyle. He has been trying to convince me for the past year that we needed to do something here. He said they are going to go crazy for you! He kept assuring me there was nothing like my aesthetic happening here right now. Not to sound cocky but he said we needed to show them something else. He said we needed to bring them some spice.

Your Spring/Summer 2016 collection is entitled “Moving Forward.” What is the design aesthetic?

I believe in minimalism. I incorporate a lot of draping throughout my collections to make them easygoing and comfortable.

Do your designs stem from emotions, or do you follow the trends within the luxury sportswear market?

I don’t like trends. I don’t follow them. What I’m feeling and what I am going through in life I put into my collections. I take it out on draping — it’s my therapy.

What emotions were you feeling when you created this collection?

This collection was the 10 year anniversary of me leaving home. I have lived in three different cities around the world. I’ve been meeting people all over the place, and I have been taking bits and pieces as I go. I make it my own and make it my own experiences. I’ve been enjoying the journey.


“I want to make women feel comfortable as well as confident. It’s kind of like a shield. They make you ready for any situation in life. You just go and get it.”


You left Israel in 2005 to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. What was the hardest part about leaving home?

Leaving home was the best decision I made. It was just a huge and hard transition. I had my Mom, a boyfriend at the time, and it was the place I grew up. It was like woah, I’m moving to America now!

Was becoming a designer the main reason you left?

Yeah, it’s been my dream since I was 12-years-old.

What feedback do you hope “Moving Forward” makes within the market?

I want to make women feel comfortable as well as confident. It’s kind of like a shield. The garments give you your confidence. They make you ready for any situation in life. You just go and get it.

How do you plan to stay relevant despite all the seasoned and emerging mainstream designers we see growing throughout the industry?

Just by being me. During Paris Fashion Week, however, I do look at my heroes to see what they doing, but I think a lot of designers tend to look bitchy and project negativity. I make sure to say a good word to my fellow designers. I know so many emerging designers that are so good, and I’m always cheering them on. It is important to give them that feedback. Many designers don’t know how to say a good word and don’t know how to have that bond.

Speaking of you design heroes, who and what inspires you?

Rick Owens, Galliano, Lanvin, Westwood and McQueen when he was alive. Aside from that, I’m inspired by life and culture.

Looking ahead, what are the next steps for your label?

I’m going to be traveling. I’m going to be doing market week in Paris and on the West coast. Maybe Milan — it is in the works. Basically, my plan is to travel and get the word out there and the exposure. I just want to do it my way.

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