Synergetic Structuralism: Carolin Holzhuber Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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What is there is strongly complimented by what is not, and as Carolin Holzhuber says of her Spring/Summer 2016 collection footwear, a “merged harmony of shapes and sizes” skillfully demonstrate the collection’s namesake “Symbiosis.” Stating that symbiosis is not only a biological phenomenon, but also a representation of the need for support for one another in any form of a relationship. Empty space becomes just as crucial as the present materials that fabricate the anatomy of each shoe, transforming the biological concept of symbiosis into a meaning that represents the supportive relationship between filled and empty spaces. The physical materials enhance the gaps and breaks that are a part of each design just as the geometric holes in the center of wedged platforms, and flat, angular, architectural stiletto heels that bring to mind the imagery of scaffolding do the same in reverse. Empty space is used as an aesthetic element that is of equal importance to the precise choice of materials for construction.

Building collections based around themes which usually stem from visual stimuli, illusions, and even aspects concerning areas of medical study, Holzhuber’s collection is no exception in terms of drawing from the realm of the scientific or seemingly unrelated to create a powerful visual statement. Giving the appearance of one needing to tip-toe while doing a dangerous balancing act, the concept of “support” once again comes into play with a strategic harmony that is created through symmetry and placement both for beauty and functionality purposes, another symbiotic relationship where functionality becomes pleasing to the eye and beauty becomes practical.



Photographer | Catharina Pavitschitz

Wardrobe | Cunnington&Sanderson

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