The Founders of Hasta Sporting On Redefining Sportswear

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With an eclectic background that includes labels such as John Varvatos, Swiss Army, Supreme and Def Jams Records,  Hasta Sporting‘s founding trio, Rory Fortune, Tyler Rowe and Ginger Jones, largely influenced the brand’s functionality between sport, style and innovation.

“Hasta is an American sportswear company that bases the freshness of New York City with the ease and balance of coastal lifestyles,” defined Jones. “We’re not necessarily a technical, functional brand,” added Fortune, “but we do have the details that are kind of novel.”

Hasta, the Latin word for “spear,” is designed for the athletic man, allowing him the versatility of active, coastal lifestyle married with the novelty of New York City. To develop the garments that would transfer well from work to social life, Fortune, Rowe and Jones took their questions to fishermen who split their time on the coast between their boats and meeting friends for dinner and drinks.

“We dove into a lot of the aquatic life there. Some of the products were definitely geared towards finding out how somebody is going to use it. These are the best things that we like about the garment,” Jones emphasized. “And then we’ll go out and do interviews and talk to people about fabrics and what they like.”

The collection, released for Spring/Summer 2016, is a masculine-flavored line of fitted, water-resistant material which can transfer seamlessly from boat to bar. Grey sweats were composed of a light-weight fabric which reflected a more relaxed transition to social wear. Collared sports shirts included a micro-fleece lined pocket to quickly dry small accessories, and printed board shorts in beige and rust-red were sleek enough to wear with a buttoned variation on the traditional sweater.

The idea of a spear was inspired mainly from their passion for spearfishing, which drives the imagery of the line’s sportswear: sleek, masculine designs which melds coastal sports and fishing with a New York City aesthetic.

“We started to look at the spear,” Jones said, describing the concept behind the name. “It had two things going on with it: there was the essentialism of it and there was this novelty to it as well. We took that [concept] and ran with it.”

Hasta’s ambition, from designing the ideal fishing shirt to producing limited quantities of their designs, is to satisfy their audience with styles that fit their aesthetic and lifestyle. Their initial success began with the sleeveless, graphic-infused t-shirts, and the designers expect Hasta’s other designs for men to be as sought after as well.

“We want to build to build relationships with everybody,” said Rowe. “We want our customers to be stoked, and we do want it to be special.”

This drive to be singular and essential makes Hasta what it is: a line for those who love the adventure of the ocean and who strive for the sophistication of New York’s optimum.

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