Homage To The Creative Class: Katie Eary Fall/Winter 2016 Collection LFW

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As we lost a great British rock ‘n’ roll icon today, Katie Eary injects her sex appeal into her Fall/Winter 2016 collection. There was a remarkable difference to what we have seen in previous seasons. Eary’s infamous, loud prints were replaced with patterned silks and then the real curve ball: a palette dominated by the color black.

Perhaps Eary was trying to show that her boy has grown up into a man: inspired by The Sacred Triangle –Bowie, Iggy & Lou 1971-1973, a documentary directed by Alec Lindsell, it takes us on the journey of David Bowie being inspired and thus nurturing the careers of Iggy Pop and Lou Reed. The seventies took hold in the form of striped robes, serpents, metallic drainpipe trousers and silk shirts. This was Eary being refined and showing a sense of maturity. Crushed velvet chokers complimented velvet jacket in burnt orange and purple.

Don’t be alarmed, Eary’s quirk was still present in the form of a graphic fish seen on several shirts, sweaters, shorts and denim. As for other graphics, purple, thick stripes that form right angles were adorned on silk shirts, trousers, shorts, accessories and… robes — which brings us to the introduction of pajama-wear. Eary’s man doesn’t really give a shit, and just wants to express himself as he pleases. Full set print pajamas were seen, and certainly looked chic as well as comfortable.

The highlight most certainly was the lace-up biker trousers. Metallic and eye-catching, they were carried in a suitably teen angst daze. However, the first look truly shows the Eary boy in his glory and it was quite the statement: a pair of black PVC trousers was paired with a shaggy, black fur coat. Rock on. A metallic blue jacket is another item of not. Eye-catching and bold, it was impossible to ignore and demanded visual attention.

Like Bowie, Katie Eary has been a fashion innovator as well as a vanguard within her field. She continues to break barriers, bushing buttons and as Fall Winter 2016 clearly showed, she takes chances. We’d imagine that Bowie would give his stamp of approval for this one.


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